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The following FAQ may help answer the most common questions about the SiX Legislator Conference.

If you have questions, please email conference@stateinnovation.org 

SiX’s annual conference is a unique opportunity for legislators from across the country who share progressive values to come together and build a stronger national progressive community. Legislators have the opportunity to network, learn from national policy experts and organizational leaders, strategize, and exchange policy ideas and best practices with their colleagues in other states.

As you know, the SiX Conference is an opportunity to convene progressive state legislators to collectively advance and strengthen our national progressive network. To respond to the unique challenges and opportunities of 2018, we are doing things differently this year when it comes to conference attendance, both to reflect our reduced space and capacity availability, and to reflect the opportunities of this moment.

This year calls for a new approach so we can best respond to the expected new wave of state legislators joining your ranks. This means we are making strategic decisions about conference attendance to focus on engaging new legislators; specifically, we are prioritizing newly-elected legislators, those who have never attended a SiX conference before, those from states with whom we deeply engage and where the need and opportunity are greatest, and legislators who reflect our nation’s diversity.

This unfortunately means that, in order to reach legislators new to their office and new to SiX, we are unable to accommodate every legislator who wants to attend the SiX conference. We are committed though to continuing and increasing our regional and in-state engagement and trainings.

The application form can be found on the SiX website at sixconference.org/application. Once you have completed and submitted an application, it will be reviewed by State Innovation Exchange staff within roughly two weeks. If an application is accepted, you will be sent a link to register for the conference via email. We recommend completing the application as soon as you can. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Space for the 2018 conference is limited, and we will most likely be unable to accept every application. Our goal is to facilitate an event with broad representation from across the country by welcoming a diverse mix of legislators from different states and regions as well as a mix of current legislative leadership and new legislators. We are committed to inviting attendees that reflect the country’s diversity and to creating an inclusive and empowering space for legislators regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

Early bird registration has been extended through September 15, 2018. In order to accommodate newly elected legislators, the final deadline to apply will be extended to November 10, 2018.

We regret we won’t be able to accommodate all who wish to attend our 2018 conference. However, SiX is committed to provide trainings and support for legislators across the country throughout the year. Last year, SiX provided training to legislators in 25 states. If you are interested in working with SiX to organize a training in your state, please let us know by emailing info@stateinnovation.org.

Once accepted, legislators attending the conference will pay a registration fee and cover travel costs. The early bird registration fee for sitting legislators is $95 if you register before September 15, 2018. The fee will increase to $150 after September 15. The registration fee for newly elected legislators is $0. For partner organizations, the registration fee is $450 for one person and $800 for two people from the same organization.

SiX will cover hotel costs for legislators for the two nights of the conference (Sunday and Monday) as well as a reception and conference meals including breakfast and lunch. All other travel costs and meals are the attendee’s responsibility.

There are a limited number of travel scholarships up to $200 available only to those who would otherwise be unable to attend without financial assistance. You may reflect your interest to receive travel scholarship in your application.

Reimbursable travel expenses include: airfare or mileage to the host city (Washington D.C.), and ground transportation to the host hotel. Included with registration are breakfast and lunch on December 3 & 4 along with a Monday evening networking event. Meals outside the conference are not reimbursable expenses under this scholarship.

The travel scholarship comes in the form of a reimbursement check. Documentation of receipts will need to be submitted by October 19, 2018. Applicants who have been approved AND the applicant has registered to attend will receive a link to submit reimbursement documents.   Checks will be mailed between 45-60 days after the conference.

IMPORTANT: Recipients of travel scholarships are required to check in at the conference and sign a reimbursement form to verify attendance.

Yes, legislators are responsible for booking their own travel arrangements.

The travel scholarship may only go towards travel costs, including plane or train tickets, fuel costs, and taxis to or from airport. Scholarships do not cover meals purchased during travel. The scholarship may only be spent on travel costs incurred by the legislator him/herself and cannot apply to the travel costs of others, including other legislators. If approved for a travel scholarship, legislator will be reimbursed only for documented travel costs up to $200.

Any travel costs that exceed the amount of the scholarship will be the responsibility of the legislator. SiX will be prepared to provide legislators additional documentation, if needed, according to your state law.

Participants are accountable to attend all sessions and conference events for which you have registered for in order to receive the travel scholarship. Late arrival or early departure – without receiving prior approval from a SiX Director – will result in a loss of the travel scholarship.

Scholarships are available to those who have requested and were approved.  The travel scholarship available is up to $200. To receive reimbursement for travel, you will need to submit a copy of your airline reservation/receipt and confirmation of hotel reservation.

All Travel Scholarship Recipients are required to check-in at the conference, stop by the scholarship check-in and provide a signature. Participants are accountable to attend all sessions and conference events for which you are have registered for in order to receive the travel scholarship. Late arrival or early departure – without receiving prior approval from a SiX Director – will result in a loss of the travel scholarship. Checks will be processed 45-60 days after the conference. All Receipts need to be submitted prior to the conference. 

Travel Scholarship Recipients will receive a link via email to submit the form and documentation.  If you have not received a link or need the link again, please email conference@stateinnovation.org 

The hotel requires a credit card to cover incidentals such as room service, room upgrades, double-occupancy rooms, etc., which are not covered by SiX. Your card will not be charged for the two nights lodging at the $209 group rate.

If you need to cancel or change your flight, hotel or registration, you are responsible for making these changes and any fees incurred. SiX is not responsible for any fees associated with cancelations and you may no longer be eligible for the Travel Scholarship.  Cancelation fee = 50% of registration fee.

In the event of conference cancelation due to circumstances beyond the control of State Innovation Exchange, SiX will not be responsible for registrants’ costs associated with the canceled event. SiX responds and complies with all ethics inquiries from federal, state or municipal entities.

SiX takes matters of Legislator indictments, accusations or investigations for any criminal behavior, sexual harassment claims or campaign finance violations seriously. In the event an approved applicant is under investigation, SiX reserves the right to revoke application to attend and Travel Scholarship.

Your data is used for the purpose of the conference and registration. SiX will not share any of your information.

Have more questions? Connect with SiX

 If you have additional questions or are interested in more information, please contact conference@stateinnovation.org, and stay tuned for conference updates on our website.

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